The Make Them Visible Foundation [MTVF] raises investments and awareness to humanize the homeless. MTVF addresses the need for a collaborative movement where non-profits work together to secure funds and harness change. 



We leverage the power of film to share stories. Check out our Effie Award winning Make Them Visible short film. It’s only 3.5 minutes and will change how you see the homeless. This video was originally produced as a social experiment, geared at revealing how we, as a society, see our homeless neighbors. 


Real stories

Follow the real life stories of our homeless friends in need at our Facebook page:


unspoiled lives

Our society is obsessed with fictional stories and prioritizes them above real ones. MTVF launched a social media campaign that pits the stories of fictional TV characters to stories of real individuals experiencing homelessness. Watch the emotionally disruptive video that captures the road to homelessness which is complex, often devastating, and yet, not void of hope.